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Kyrsten Sinema Is Bathroom Alligator Trash

Advertisement We don’t even have to describe the pro-alligator people. Y’all know who they are. They are the people who are more concerned about Sea World’s mass incarceration of Orcas than they are about America’s mass incarceration of Black bodies. They truly believe that “all lives matter” but not really. Killing an animal that kills […]

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A Philly Man Is Being Celebrated For Improbably Capturing A Gator With A Trash Bin In Florida

Over 1,000 miles separate Philadelphia and Florida, but they share something in common: They attract some real characters. There isn’t an equivalent for “Florida Man” in the City of Brotherly Love, but real heads know it’s a hotspot for one-in-a-million eccentrics. (If Mare of Easttown had a major flaw, it’s that it didn’t have enough […]

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