Tag: Academic Freedom

A Blackface ‘Othello’ Shocks, and a Professor Steps Back From Class

“Of course, facing criticism for my misjudgment as a professor here is nothing like the experience that many Chinese professors faced during the Cultural Revolution,” he wrote. “But it feels uncomfortable that we live in an era where people can attempt to destroy the career and reputation of others with public denunciation. I am not […]

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Georgia’s University System Takes On Tenure

In a direct challenge to the hallowed tradition of tenure, Georgia’s public university system will now let its colleges’ administrations remove a tenured professor with little to no faculty input. The Board of Regents on Wednesday approved the new policy, which is the only one of its kind in the country, according to the American […]

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The Professor, the Donors and a Clash at Yale

To the Editor: Re “At Yale, a Celebrated Program on Power Gets a Lesson in Politics” (front page, Oct. 1): As a historian, a high school teacher and a Yale alumna, I was dismayed to read that Yale seems to have bowed to donor pressure on the curriculum of its Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy. […]

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