How well do you know Eurovision? Take our all-singing, all-dancing quiz

On Saturday evening, 25 countries will compete for the right to be crowned the winner of the Eurovision song contest. Before then, you can test your Eurovision knowledge with our quiz. Will you be in tune with the history of the event, or will you end up off-key with the dreaded nul points? Let us know how you get on in the comments.

The 2022 Guardian Eurovision quiz spectacular

1.We will start with some easy ones. What is the maximum score that a song can be given by a single jury?

2.Italy is hosting the contest this year – in which city?

3.What was the name of the Italian band (pictured) who won the 2021 contest?

4.In which city did they win?

5.James Newman represented the UK last year. How many points did he score?

6.It isn’t this superfan, but who is representing the UK this year?

7.The “big five” qualify automatically for the final because they deliver large TV audiences and a big chunk of cash to the Eurovision coffers. Which countries are they?

8.Finland’s entry this year comes from a cult goth-rock band whose song In the Shadows was an international hit in 2003. Who are they?

9.Which of these countries has never won the Eurovision song contest?

10.In 1982, the UK tried to emulate the success of Bucks Fizz (pictured on either side of Terry Wogan) the previous year with the song One Step Further by a singing duo (centre, in white). What were they called?

11.Fans are used to voting for their favourite Eurovision entry by phone, SMS or app. But in which year was televoting first used for the final?

12.The UK scored nul points for the first time in 2003, but with which act and song?

13.Which city has hosted the Eurovision song contest the most times?

14.Ukraine’s entry, by Kalush Orchestra, is sure to get an emotional reception. But when did Ukraine first participate?

15.What will happen for the first time at this year’s Eurovision?

16.In which year did Terry Wogan commentate for the BBC on his last Eurovision?

17.Since Eurovision began, how many countries have competed?

18.One country has competed in the contest only once. Which one?

19.Ireland’s Johnny Logan has been involved with three winning Eurovision songs as a performer or a writer. But to which of these Irish winning entries did he not contribute?

20.What was special about the presentation of Azerbaijan’s 2017 entry, sung by Dihaj (pictured)?

21.Which Cliff Richard song came second in 1968?

22.True or false: the Soviet Union competed for the first time in 1987, as part of glasnost, Mikhail Gorbachev’s openness policy?

23.What is the time limit for a Eurovision entry?

24.When Eurovision started, all the entries had to be accompanied by a live orchestra. When was this rule dropped?

25.In 1969, because no one had considered what might happen if the scores were tied, there were four winners. Among them was Lulu. What was her song?

26.And finally: among this year’s entries, what do Norway’s Subwoolfer say you need to give to the wolf to stop it eating their grandma?

  • If you think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers, please feel free to email, but remember: the quizmaster’s word is final – and you don’t want him to turn up at your house with his Now That’s What I Call Eurovision album collection

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