Kanye West Announces Official Drop Date for Donda 2

Earlier this month, we told you that Ye was apparently working on the sequel album as told by Universal Music Group’s SVP of A&R andpast G.O.O.D. Music COO Steven Victor. But considering all the ruckus that went into Donda’s initial rollout, folks would be honestly playing themselves by betting all their marbles on this new 2/22/22 drop date. I mean, let’s face it: this is the same guy who told his friends to all but pull their new documentary of him JUST BEFORE it was set to make its debut at Sundance because he “wanted to be in charge of his own image.” Umm, newsflash my guy: the moment to do this should’ve been earlier in the process and not at the 11th hour.

Speaking of things being made in the image and likeness of Kanye though, a brand new conceptual art NFT is on its way to the mainstream my, oh my, what a piece this is.

Per Complex, thanks to an anonymous collective or artists and programmers, The Books of Ye are being touted as the sequel (hmm, I’m sensing a trend here) to their 2015 NFT project Book of Yeezus that infamously replaced every mention of God with West’s name instead.

Complex has more:

The Books of Ye stands as a sequel to that project, this time featuring five one-of-one books (with a launch window of Winter ‘21/22) corresponding to one of five Books of Moses and 100 one-of-one cards featuring illustrations of select moments from the repurposed (i.e. “God” is now replaced with “Ye”) literature.


“Just as The Book of Yeezus was a sumptuous, over-the-top artifact that casted light on those very qualities, it occurred to us that The Books of Ye could extend this, being an NFT that would highlight the newfound power dynamics brought on by the age of hype,” said the collective.

While The Books of Ye only covers Genesis for now, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy are expected to drop in the months to come.