Apple Stops Signing iOS 15.2 Following the Release of iOS 15.2.1

Install iOS 15.2 on iPhone

Following the release of iOS 15.2.1 last week, Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.2. This means it is no longer possible to downgrade to that version on your iPhone until and unless you have the necessary SHSH blobs saved.

iOS 15.2.1 contained some important security patches and bug fixes related to CarPlay. Most users tend to stay on an older version of iOS in hopes of a possible jailbreak becoming available for it eventually. However, there’s no iOS 15 – iOS 15.2 jailbreak tool out yet, so it makes little sense for anyone to consider downgrading their device to an older iOS release. There has not been much jailbreaking activity following the release of iOS 15, and it’s unlikely we will see a jailbreak drop for the OS anytime soon.

Apple has also already seeded iOS 15.3 to developers and public beta testers, but it does not contain any new changes.

If you have been holding out on upgrading to iOS 15.2.1 for a possible jailbreak, you should reconsider your decision. We are unlikely to see an iOS 15 jailbreak tool drop anytime soon, so you should instead update your iPhone to the latest iOS release and enjoy all the new features that it brings.

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