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Kids left ‘frozen’ outside school

Pupils at Bishop Heber in Malpas, Cheshire, can only wear a branded school jacket on school grounds, which, along with various items of clothing, would cost a family up to £100 per child.

Photos taken by furious parents show staff walking around outside in warm overcoats while some children are just in jumpers, according to Cheshire Live.

The school says it believes if children were allowed to wear their own coats, it would “erode the great relationships we have with the students”, because they would push the boundaries and start to wear hoodies.

One angry mum said her asthmatic son was put into isolation for retrieving his confiscated coat because he was cold.

“They confiscated his [my son’s] coat yesterday – outside – which I thought was absolutely ludicrous. He has asthma, which he is on constant medication for, so getting cold does him no good.

“Because he went and got his coat back because he was cold, he has been put into isolation, that was his punishment.

“Why would you take a coat off a child when you know they’ve got asthma?”

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