Mom Accused of Hosting Alcohol-Fueled Sex Parties for Minors ‘Put My Kid in Danger,’ Says Former Friend

An angry mom is denouncing her former friend who is accused of hosting alcohol-fueled sex parties for teenage minors. 

Sherri Mullin says her daughter attended two of the parties and wanted to make her presence known as Shannon O’Connor was extradited following her arrest in Idaho. So Mullin showed up at the San Jose airport carrying a sign that said “Lock Her Up!” 

“I wanted her to know as a mom and as a mom friend that I knew that she put my kid in danger and that she lied to my face. And I wanted to show her that I knew,” Mullin told Inside Edition. 

According to authorities, O’Connor hosted wild parties for her 15-year-old son inside her home and allegedly supplied the alcohol. She is also accused of encouraging and watching underage sex among the teens who attended the parties. 

“She betrayed our trust. She betrayed my trust, personally,” Mullin said.

The alleged crimes made national headlines and sent shockwaves through the upscale, suburban neighborhood.

“I’m horrified. It’s disgusting. I can’t imagine how this has all happened,” Mullin said.

“I wanted her to see me. And I wanted her to see me staring her down while she was walking out and returning to our hometown as a prisoner,” Mullin added.

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