Brian Laundrie update – Search for Gabby Petito’s fiance ‘finds remains’ after Dunnellon bike vid last possible sighting


Lenny DePaul, who has decades of experience chasing on-the-run criminals, said the 23-year-old has probably gone off the grid to evade the police — but is convinced that while he “can run, he can’t hide”.

Lenny DePaul told 60 Minutes Australia is positive he will be caught soon. 

He said: “I’ve seen it all. He is not a career criminal. He does not know how to play fugitive as I would say. 

“Right now human instincts have turned into animal instincts. He has completely shut down no matter where he is.”

“He is definitely sleeping with one eye open and it is a matter of time.

“I would say you can run but you can’t hide — and when you run, you only go to jail tired.”

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