WATCH: The Insecure Series Finale Trailer Is Here and I’m Not Crying—You Are

The Insecure Series Finale Trailer Is Here and I’m Not Crying–You Are.

What follows next is a barrage of scenes that touch on, among many things, Kelli and Tiffany’s strained relationship, Issa’s self-doubt at who she’s become in her post-grad life, her and Molly’s in-limbo friendship, Molly’s contention with her mother about finding a husband, and more.

There’s also a shot of Lawrence on a plane, Nathan and Issa in conversation, and Condoleezza/Covfefe/Condominium/Carrot top/Condensed Milk Condola holding her and Lawrence’s baby while Lela Rochon and Keke “Keep a Job” Palmer flank her. I don’t know what role they play in this whole thing but sign me TF up expeditiously.


Oh, and let’s not forget that one scene of Issa and her friends at what appears to be some Blackity-Black high-fashion event that boasts a cameo by Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Richmond and—wait for it—KOFI SIRIBAE. Umm…I mean Kofi Siriboe, looking like every last gift I’d want to receive during the 12 days of Christmas.

*Deep, emotional, Negro spiritual sigh*

Even though I’m gonna be lowkey hella sad AF about this show going off the air, I can’t help but be proud of Issa and everyone involved for making such a gem of a series. Sundays truly won’t ever be the same again.


The final season of Insecure premieres on HBO Oct. 24.

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