The Funk Boutique: The New Yeezys Look Like Something Off of a Golden Crust Menu

Toni Braxton has dropped a skincare line targeted towards Black women and their skin so you can look like the Grammy-Award-winning singer too. Through Ulta Beauty, Braxton has launched five products, “The Creém,” “Luminous Splendor,” a body serum, shower gel and hair mist. Nude Sugar’s key ingredients include, “sugarcane squalane oil for hydration, to soothe redness and with anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as plump seed oil, to brighten and unify texture and tone. The packaging uses sugarcane-derived and post-consumer recycled materials.”

According to WWD, Braxton started this brand as a way to help people with the consequences that come with being in the sun and as a way to practice luxurious self-care at home.

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