Tucker Carlson Calls Black Capitol Police Officer an ‘Angry Left-Wing Activist’ for Speaking on Racism of Insurrectionists

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Is it just me, or do conservative affirmations always seem to come with some kind of caveat?


“Support the troops”—unless those troops are military-feminizing women or Critical Race Theory advocates.

“Respect the flag”—unless you want to wear it as a onesie even though U.S. code explicitly calls it disrespectful, and unless you also want to fly the battle flag of Confederate traitors who literally divided America.

“Don’t divide America”—(See above.)

And of course, there’s “blue lives matter”—unless they’re Black cops who agree America is a racist country, dare to speak about their own experiences with racism and believe the Jan. 6., capitol rioters were nothing more than a musty bunch of Wonder Bread head-ass rubes who were easily convinced a non-stolen election was stolen because, much like their rust-colored cult leader, they really don’t know shit about shit. (I might be projecting here a little bit.)

Anyway, the Washington Post reports that U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who is Black, has spoken at length about how the attacks on Black police officers during Caucasi-D-Day were both violent and racist AF. And because white conservatives only like Black people who rent Sunken Place timeshares with Ben Carson and Candace Owens, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had something to say.

From the Post:

In a March interview with The Washington Post, Dunn said he was called the n-word more than a dozen times that day in January. Black police officers, he said, “were fighting a different fight” as a throng of Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol grounds and building — some violently attacking police officers standing in their way.

Dunn will be one of the first witnesses to testify next week before a special committee tasked with investigating the insurrection. But Fox News host Tucker Carlson, during his Wednesday night broadcast, cast doubt on the officer’s ability to testify objectively.

“Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community, but it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average cop,” Carlson said. “Dunn is an angry left-wing political activist.”


First of all—shut the Fucker Carlson up, Tucker Carlson. (I know, that was childish. I’m not proud.) This is the same guy who referred to Capitol rioters as “gentle people waving American flags,” but please, Carlson, tell us more about how your opinion is worth more than that of a man who was actually there.


Right-wingers always claim to be anti-riot—unless the rioters are a bunch of toothless live-action South Park characters who think face masks are modern-day slave chains for reasons I can only imagine are related to their breath smelling like 400 years of oppression and them not wanting to blow it back into their nostrils.

Anyway, Carlson went on to cite a tweet Dunn posted in 2019, saying, “Racism is so American that when you protest it, people think that you are protesting America.”


The post included the hashtags “#IStandWithIlhanOmar” and “#squad,” and considering the date on the tweet, it was most likely in reference to that time the president of the United States led a crowd of fellow racists in chanting “send her back” at Rep. Ilhan Omar. Of course, no context would stop Carlson from dismissing Dunn over the tweet by sarcastically saying “Harry Dunn, ladies and gentlemen—just another fact-based witness to the insurrection.”


The funny thing is, what Carlson and flag-humping white people like him call “angry left-wing political activist” ranting (and I’m just going to leave the not-so-subtle “angry” dog whistle alone for now), is really just the shit most Black people in America think. If pointing out the commonplaceness of American racism makes one a leftist radical, then every negro barbershop, church, family gathering and Spades game in America is a training camp for rebel extremism. (But that couldn’t be the case, because to say so would be racist, and America isn’t racist, and to say otherwise would make me an “angry left-wing political activist.” See how that works?)

Maybe Carlson is really the one who’s projecting here. Maybe he just realizes how hard he and his colleagues at the Republican OnlyKlans station worked to legitimize the “stop the steal” propaganda that led to the riot in the first place. (Does anybody remember that time Carlson had to apologize for lying about dead people voting?)


Maybe Carlson’s show only exists as an infomercial for white people who need to stay TF out of Black people’s business.

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