Liz Cheney Slammed Kevin McCarthy, Claiming He Was Trying To ‘Prevent The American People’ From Understanding Jan. 6

Liz Cheney was few progressives’ idea of a savior this time last year, but a lot has changed. The Wyoming representative — and, till May, one of the most powerful Republicans in the House — has been one of an elite few in her party who has stood up to former president Trump, who still rules over the party, despite being a disgraced weirdo who now lives in resorts with strangers. Even after her colleagues stripped her of some power, she’s stood her ground, and that means not holding back when trashing Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy over his repeated attempts to destroy investigations into Jan. 6.

The day after McCarthy brazenly named some highly questionable people to the Democrat-led committee — chief among them Jim Jordan, who’s been accused of helping foment the failed insurrection — Cheney tore him limb from limb.

“The rhetoric we have heard from the minority leader is disingenuous,” Cheney told reporters. “At every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the American people from understanding what happened.”

She also agreed with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was right to reject Jordan as well as Jim Banks, who also voted against certifying the election for now-president Joe Biden. She mentioned that Jordan may wind up a “material witness” in their investigation. As for Banks, she said he “disqualified himself by his comments, in particular, over the last 24 hours demonstrating that he is not taking this seriously.”

She added, “The idea that anybody would be playing politics with an attack on the United States Capitol is despicable and is disgraceful. I’m absolutely dedicated and committed to making sure this investigation holds those accountable who did this and ensures that it never happens again.”

McCarthy has been accused of trying to discredit the investigation, which may wind up implicating a number of Republicans, including Jordan, as well as Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, perhaps even McCarthy himself. Republicans like McCarthy and Jordan have been accusing the committee of playing politics, so it may be a classic case of projection — one of the modern conservative’s favorite cheap tricks.

(Via Raw Story)

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