Anti-CRT Republican Senate Candidate Claims Military Has Been ‘Colorblind’ for Nearly 200 Years

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At this point, any reasonable person should be able to see that when it comes to the subjects of Critical Race Theory and other anti-racism teachings, Republicans really just be out here saying shit, and because conservative media outlets are always ready and willing to act as vessels for GOPropaganda, their erroneous white nonsense will always have a platform.


For example, just last week, Newsmax hosted a paranoid white man who must have left his MAGA tinfoil hat at home when he said with his whole chest that CRT would lead to Nazi Germany-style death camps for white people in a nation that is still overwhelmingly white with mostly white people in power. Then on Friday, a GOP Senate candidate went on Fox News to share his own not-so-hot take regarding CRT being taught in the military saying that it’s completely unnecessary because the U.S. military has been “colorblind” for the last 200 years.

Last week, The Root reported that Rep. Matt Gaetz got his probably-a-predator ass dragged across Twitter for how he responded to Gen. Mark Milley’s response to his questions about the teaching of CRT in the military. Well, apparently, Sean Parnell, a GOP candidate for the 2022 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race, decided to die on the same hill as Gaetz when he appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight—the show where truth goes to die and where bats go to shit—with the claim that the military has been racism-free for nearly two centuries, Insider reports.

From Insider:

Carlson opined on the issue (starting at 3:25 in the video below), expressing that “from the outside in, the US military seems like by far the least racist institution in American life” and “has been for many decades.”

Parnell was animated in his response to Carlson.

“It’s absolutely true,” he said. “We have been a colorblind culture in the United States military for almost 200 years. We’ve gotten a lot of things right. Keep your politics and your social experiments out of our military, and let us focus on what we were always intended to do — protecting the United States of America and winning wars.”

Insider noted that the U.S. military was legally segregated until 1948 when President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981, which ruled that “there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin.” But even without that bit of history being pointed out, there’s the sheer white-diculousness of Parnell, who is a veteran, pretending to believe that there has been no racism in the military since—*breaks out calculator, abacus and Sesame Street reruns to make sure my math is right*—the early 1820s.

I think we can officially dispel the notion that the Republican war on CRT is about a fear of historical revisionism when Republicans are claiming that the military, or any other U.S. institution for that matter, was “colorblind” more than four decades before slavery was (kind of) abolished and nearly a century and a half before the Civil Rights Act was signed.


This isn’t about banning CRT; it’s about taking a giant white-out pen to every reference to racism in America’s history in order to protect the fragile feelings of white conservatives and to preserve the nation’s beloved tradition of normalizing white nationalism. That’s it and that’s all.

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