Leak: Apple Watch Series 7 to Come With Enhanced Double-Sided S7 Chip

apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is turning out to be a major update for the company’s wrist-based health tracker. According to a new report by Digitimes, Apple Watch Series 7 will come with a double-sided S7 chip, potentially leaving out room for a larger battery and other components.

Double-Sided S7 Chip

Digitimes has reported that the next-generation Apple Watch will feature a double-sided chip, probably called S7. The new technology, called double-sided System in Package (SiP), is a way of manufacturing chips in which chips are (usually) cut in half. So the transistors in a double-sided SIP are on the two sides of the module.

This allows for the module to become smaller in size, and in turn allows to package more components in the Watch, such as a larger battery or new sensors.

Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to feature blood glucose monitoring. The new double-sided S7 chip might just pave the way for the inclusion of the new sensor. Along with the new sensor, Apple is also expected to expand its flat-edge design to the Watch this year. Few renders of the Apple Watch Series 7 were published online, showcasing the Watch’s new colors and flat design.

Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut with iPhone 13 series later this year. What are your expectations from the next-generation Apple Watch? Are you interested in the new flat-edge design, or health features like blood glucose monitoring? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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