Miley Cyrus says playing Hannah Montana created an ‘identity crisis’: ‘No one cares about you’

Years after starring as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus is revealing she did not have “the best of both worlds.” 

Cyrus shared details about how starring in “Hannah Montana,” where Cyrus plays a regular teen by day and a pop star by night, made her feel that “no one cared” about her.

“Talk about an identity crisis. I (was) a character almost as often as I was myself, and actually the concept of the show is that when you’re this character (and) when you have this alter ego, you’re valuable,” Cyrus said on Friday’s episode of the “Rock This with Allison Hagendorf” podcast. “And then the concept was that when I looked like myself, when I didn’t have the wig on anymore, that no one cared about me.” 

“I wasn’t a star anymore. That was drilled into my head, like without being Hannah Montana no one cares about you,” she continued. 

Miley Cyrus is sharing details about how starring in "Hannah Montana," where Cyrus plays a regular teen by day and a pop star by night, made her feel that "no one cared" about her.

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The “Party in the USA” singer described her childhood stardom as a time that made her feel inadequate when she wasn’t in character, revealing she created a “characterized version” of herself to receive attention.  

“I never created a character that wasn’t me, but I was aware of how people saw me and I kind of played into it a little bit,” she said. 

Cyrus still remains aware of how others see her, and has been candid about her sobriety, her marriage and the media’s image of her. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone published in December, Cyrus discussed how she felt the media fixated on her appearance as a point of reference for her sanity noting how when her hair was “long and (blonde)” it meant that she was “sane right now” but when she dyed her hair or was “growing out her armpit hair” it meant she was having a difficult time. 

” ‘She’s got a man. She’s living in a house playing wife,’ dude, I was way more off my path at that time than any of the times before where my sanity was being questioned,” Cyrus told Rolling Stone.

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Despite the conflicting feelings the “Wrecking Ball” singer had for the role, Cyrus recently resurfaced Hannah Montana by “photo dumping” old photos of herself as a teenager and clips from the Disney show on Instagram Monday.

One of the posts includes an interview of young Cyrus saying, “I do not have a boyfriend in real life, but I’m looking.”

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