GTA Online weekly update for March 4, 2021: new podium car, discounts and bonus payouts GTA Online weekly update

Each Thursday, Rockstar releases the GTA Online weekly update—refreshing the multiplayer sandbox with new weekly discounts and bonuses. It’s a great way to pick up some of the fastest cars in GTA Online, or to snag a new businesses without committing to days of grinding for cash. And even if you already own the business featured in a given week, its refurbishment options are usually on sale, too. Maybe you’ll finally be able to pimp out that bunker.

This week, players can get 60% off Hangars, gaining access to the Air Freight business. This… is not a particularly great earner, especially if you’re playing solo. There are some fun missions, though, and with the double payout on Air Freight sales, it’ll be a nice change of pace from the Cayo Perico grind.

Arguably the bigger benefit of a hangar is the ability to store planes and helicopters that can be spawned through the Interactions menu, rather than having to call Pegasus. The spawn locations are slightly more generous than through Pegasus, too, meaning your aircraft should appear at least slightly closer to your location. If you pick one of the Fort Zancudo hangars—recommended—you also gain access to the military base.

Discounts this week are predominantly for helicopters and aircraft, continuing the aerial theme. Of particular note is the Akula, a stealth attack helicopter that lets you go off radar—hiding you from the minimap, alongside any business supplies or heist equipment that you’re carrying.

What are the GTA Online weekly bonuses?

GTA Online Bonus $ and RP

It’s air freight and air races this week, alongside a boost to your daily Cayo Perico collectibles.

  • 2x $ and RP on Air Freight
  • 2x $ and RP on Hidden Caches
  • 2x $ and RP on Treasure Chests
  • 2x $ and RP on Sea Races
  • 2x $ and RP on Air Races
  • 2x $ and RP on A Superyacht Life
  • 2x $ and RP on Adversary Mode – Stockpile

GTA Online weekly update

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GTA Online Discounted Vehicles and Businesses

Planes, helicopters and big, expensive yachts. Also a couple of hypercars for good measure.

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  • 60% off All Hangars
  • 40% off Mammoth Avenger: Starting at $2,872,500
  • 40% off Vehicle Workshop for Mammoth Avenger
  • 40% off Weapon Workshop for Mammoth Avenger
  • 40% off Akula: $2,222,430/$1,671,000 (Get the trade price by completing The Doomsday Heist’s Server Farm setup mission as the heist leader)
  • 40% off P-996 LAZER: $3,900,000
  • 40% off FH-1 Hunter: $2,473,800/$1,860,000 (Get the trade price by completing 42 Air Freight Cargo source missions)
  • 40% off Savage: $1,556,100/$1,170,000 (Get the trade price by completing the Pacific Standard – Convoy setup mission)
  • 50% off Galaxy Super Yacht The Orion: $3,000,000
  • 50% off Galaxy Super Yacht The Pisces: $3,500,000
  • 50% off Galaxy Super Yacht The Aquarius: $4,000,000
  • 40% off Principe Deveste Eight: $1,077,000
  • 40% off Pegassi Zorrusso: $1,155,000

Twitch Prime Bonuses

Some heavy hardware arrives…

  • 80% off HVY Barrage: $424,270/$319,000 (Get the trade price by completing The Doomsday Heist’s Barrage setup mission)
  • 80% off HVY Brickade: $222,000
  • 35% off Vetir: $1,059,500/$794,625 (Get the trade price by completing The Caro Perico Heist as heist leader with it as the approach vehicle)

Podium Vehicle

This week’s Casino Lucky Wheel car is…

  • Bravado Verlierer

And that’s your lot. See you in the skies.

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