Tommy Fury vs Scott Williams LIVE RESULTS: Fury WINS by TKO in second round, Ahmed beats Khademi – latest reaction


“He is only a novice, and he’s done that to him.

“He is in a no-win situation, he has come off Love Island, people can expect too much from no boxing experience.

“We have a small circle and will bring him on right.

“He is a marketing dream, he is a handsome fella and he can punch. I will upgrade him when he needs.

“I got one king now, I have two coming, if people can’t see his potential they need to go to Specsavers, this kid has got it all.”

On Tyson

“He is motivated. Forget how he looks, he is as strong as three men. I am fat, fat as a pig yet I can run 10 mile.

“Fat wins world titles and my son proved it.”

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