Could Ireland be the Best Place to Spot a UFO?

Ireland is considered to be a UFO hotspot after 105 sightings have been recorded to date, the Irish Central reported.

The country has the most sightings of UFOs in all of Europe, according to Psychic World, topping France which had 71 sightings and Spain which had 70 reported sightings.

Each sighting in Ireland has averaged about 13 minutes, according to The Irish Post, which also said that “in the majority of cases, these sightings have been described as a collection of unexplainable bright lights seen flying high in the Irish sky.”

Europe has had 994 UFO sightings, all lasting an average of 12 minutes, Psychic World reported which gets their data from National UFO Reporting Center.

The news of Ireland being a supposed hotbed of activity for UFOs comes as Irish Central reported earlier in the year that neighboring Northern Ireland saw an uptick in sightings in 2020 with six alleged sightings.

The reason more UFO sightings are being reported is due to lockdown, according to David Moore, the editor of Astronomy Ireland Magazine, who spoke to the Belfast Telegraph earlier this month.

“About 90% of all reports end up having a straightforward explanation,” he said. “It’s the few that don’t that are really intriguing. But the guy claiming to be dropped off at Bangor Marina, that’s very difficult to explain. We often wonder if this is people imagining things, perhaps more of a psychological effect than astronomical. But in a population of millions of people, you are going to have a few unusual incidents.”


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