Steph Curry had a wild, hilarious reaction after a reporter called him by his first name

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry doesn’t go by his legal first name very often.

Based on how his interaction with The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson went on Wednesday, it must have been quite a while since he’s heard that name.

Thompson, during a media conference, started off his question by calling Curry, “Wardell.”

Curry’s face said it all.

Now, Thompson is tight with Curry. He even wrote a book on him in 2017. The two clearly know each other well, which is likely why he felt comfortable calling the two-time league MVP by his first name.

That, though, doesn’t make the reaction any less hilarious.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry
Wardell clearly isn’t a name Steph Curry is called by very often. (AP/Jeff Chiu)

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