Spotify Is Working On A New Tool That Will Notify Songwriters If They’re Plagiarizing Another Song

Spotify seems to have a new solution for artists that may find themselves caught in copyright infringement cases. The streaming platform is currently working on a patent that lets songwriters know if they have plagiarized another artist’s work. According to Music Business Worldwide, Spotify’s proposed Plagiarism Risk Detector And Interface allows for an artist’s music sheet — which includes the song’s melody, chords, and lyrics — to be put into an AI system that is “trained on a plurality of preexisting encoded lead sheets” to determine a “similarity value” towards other bodies of work in the database.

The tool, which is credited in part to AI expert François Pachet, includes a GUI that “provides dynamic visual feedback in substantially real-time” and lets artists discover elements of possible plagiarism and allow them to fix it as they work on their song. The patent’s filing also says that it “would allow artists to generate lead sheets more quickly and confidently by detecting and providing visual feedback as to whether any aspect of the work has a probability of being deemed plagiaristic.”

The streaming platform says the upcoming product will be more efficient and precise than previous products like the Music Plagiarism Detection System which is based on similarities in melodies and the Audio Forensics Meets Music Information Retrieval – A Toolbox For Inspection Of Music Plagiarism which uses sampling, melody, and rhythm to detect possible plagiarism.

(via Music Business Worldwide)

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