What I’ve Been Up To

Hello Climbers

It’s been a busy time since I launched the store page.

I secretly released a closed alpha for the demo in my Discord community. It yielded tons of feedback and exposed many bugs, so I have been tackling them one by one. Below are some highlights!

I’ve redesigned an area to be more slidey:

Webp net gifmaker 1

Changed an area close to the start of the game to be more cohesive with the environment, and clearer in where the player needs to go:


I’ve reimplemented some sludge effects:

Final Sludge

Removed jump spamming to prevent players from shadily climbing up slides:

[embedded content]

As well as a ton of other small improvements and bug fixes!

Also wanted to show off how the reticle can be used to test if a surface is climbable in case anyone was curious why it keeps changing colors in the trailer / gifs:

[embedded content]

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more!

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