Live updates: Ga. certifies Biden as the winner of state’s presidential vote, President-elect to meet with top Democrats

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) on Friday expressed confidence in the accuracy of his state’s hand recount, which reaffirmed Biden’s 12,284-vote lead, amid a barrage of attacks from Trump’s legal team alleging unsubstantiated claims about widespread fraud.

Raffensperger is scheduled Friday to certify the results, which then head to Gov. Brian Kemp (R) for a pro forma certification.

The Trump campaign has until next Tuesday evening to request another recount of the results, which would launch a process to re-scan the ballots that were hand-recounted.

“Working as an engineer throughout my life, I live by the motto that numbers don’t lie. As secretary of state, I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct,” Raffensperger said in a statement Friday morning. “The numbers reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision by the secretary of state’s office or of courts or of either campaign.”

In the statement, Raffensperger made three recommendations for state legislators to improve the state’s election administration, pointing to concerns that surfaced during the risk-limiting audit process that concluded Thursday.

Raffensperger requested state legislation that allows the state to intervene in counties that have systemic problems with election administration, including in counties that did not count all the votes that were cast.

He called for an overhaul of Georgia’s absentee ballot laws, recommending additional security measures for mail voting in an effort to instill the public’s trust in how the state verifies its mail-in ballots.

He also recommended stricter state requirements that would allow officials to investigate suspected cases of voters who may be on the state’s voter rolls but are no longer eligible to vote in Georgia.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, said Thursday that the campaign plans on filing a lawsuit in Georgia challenging its election administration. State election officials have said there is no evidence of widespread election fraud or irregularity.

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