COVIDTRON 2020 Released!

cover art

Over three months of hard work have finally come to an end, and we are thrilled with the results!

For those of you that have followed our development progress in our article posts, you know that we have tried to faithfully recreate a modernized, COVID-19 era version of the classic coin-op ‘ROBOTRON 2084’. Towards that end, we were even able to get a disassembly of the original game’s program code to make sure we faithfully recreated all 40 waves of the original which then repeat endlessly to drive even the most hardcore robot slayer crazy! One more wave is all it takes to see your name at the top of the highscore table!

ct2020 270

As some of you know we partnered late with the excellent art studio Oray Studios to handle all of our character art for our promo/sales website. They did such a fantastic job of interpreting my rough concept art that I was compelled to rework every in-game Covidtron robot pixel-art sprite to match their versions.

Below are just a few samples of the results.

And the revised sprites…

Hunter new grunt new 5GTower

I’ll leave you with a short gameplay clip to whet your appetite for more robot blastin’, human saving pixel-art goodness!

[embedded content]

You can buy our game here:

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