A Fan Caught A Home Run And Then Bizarrely Threw His Glove On The Field

Game 2 of the World Series saw the Tampa Bay Rays even the series at 1-1 with the Los Angeles Dodgers in a 6-4 win as they bounced back from a lopsided loss in the opener.

As has been the case all postseason, the long ball played a big role in Game 2, with Tampa getting a pair of home runs from Brandon Lowe in the win, driving three of their six runs, and all four L.A. runs coming off of four home runs. The second of the Dodgers homers was off the bat of Will Smith as he drove the ball into the seats in left center. As was the case in the NLCS, there are a limited number of fans in the stands for the World Series and one of those fans came prepared with his glove and made quite the snag over his head.

However, what happened from there was one of the more bizarre sequences that led Joe Buck to deliver a perfect call of “what?” as the fan…chucked his glove onto the field for reasons passing understanding.

Throwing the ball back is a long held tradition of fans when they catch a home run of the opposition, but throwing the glove is a new one. I guess the glove had, at that point, done it’s job and brought him in a baseball and as such he had no need for it anymore, but there’s no rule that you have to pick one or the other.

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