Out Of Control Tesla Model 3 Slams Into Garage, Driver Flees On Foot

The driver of a Tesla Model 3 crashed into the garage of a home in Covina, California on Saturday, October 10 and fled the scene on foot.

It is understood that the driver of the Model 3 was trying to escape from the police, but because they were traveling too fast, the California Highway Patrol called off the chase. The police started the pursuit after witnessing the driver make an unsafe lane change.

Not long after the chase was ended, police suspect the Tesla hit something in the road. This resulted in the driver losing control of the car, with security camera footage showing the EV sliding down the road at high speed. The rear of the car hit a lamp post and it then slammed into the garage of a house, completely destroying it.

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The homeowner was, at the time, watching TV with his wife and son when he heard the crash. Before authorities arrived at the scene, the driver fled the scene on foot. Police established a perimeter around the local neighborhood in an attempt to box the man in, but were unable to find him and, thus, the search continues.

Meanwhile, the female passenger of the Model 3 was left alone and had to be extricated by a fire crew with minor injuries.

Evidently, the Tesla has been completely destroyed in the crash, but it’s hard to tell just how much damage it sustained as it was still in the crumpled garage when local media crews arrived. Authorities decided to leave it there overnight over fears that pulling it out would cause the garage to collapse.

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