MMM Games 10 years anniversary

Hi everyone! It’s been ten years since I started making games (in Game Maker 4, then Game Maker 8, Game Maker Studio, and finally in Game Maker Studio2). My first game (16. October 2010.) was Mehuri 1 – a fan game that was inspired by an old arcade game called Pang. And since then I have created 26 games and 2 short cartoons. And it was a wild journey that I do not plan to end. Many more projects are on the way! And I wish to thank all of you who follow my work. I am very proud of this small community that we build together. Thanks to all of you and all of your support I can create small dark worlds full of strange stories and characters. Thank You!

For the 10 years anniversary, I made an MMM games trailer

[embedded content]

and the new official page

Also, Project: Unborn – Episode 3 is out for browser on Newgrounds and GameJolt. Windows and Android versions are coming soon!

[embedded content]

Thank you all for been with MMM Games all these years and more games are coming soon.

If you wish to support my work you can visit this page and find out more about the ways you can help MMM Games grow

And also, you can join in MMM Games Discord community at

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