The daily gossip: Even the Fantastic Four writer says the presidential debate was the worst thing he’s ever seen, John Cena loves BTS, and more

We all process breakups differently, but Armie Hammer specifically is, uh, growing a mustache. As Vulture explains, “[Hammer] and Elizabeth Chambers got divorced after 10 years of marriage back in July,” and he’s since grown “a frankly ludicrous Hulk Hogan mustache.” It’s not a lie: Even the writer profiling the 34-year-old actor for GQ had to ask about the look. “[My publicist] begged me to shave it off, but we needed to get a few shots with the ‘tache, man,” Hammer explained. “It was too d–n good. Part hairy biker, part 1970s pervert, nothing in between … I started shaving my beard and wondered, ‘Hey, what would happen if I just leave this side, then the other side?’ Boom. I was good to go.” See the look here. [GQ, Vulture]

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