LeBron, Steph Curry, And NBA Players Want Fans To Vote After The First 2020 Presidential Debate

The first debate of the 2020 presidential election occurred on Tuesday night, and NBA players had one pretty common reaction: vote. The debate, which pitted Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, went over about as well as a fart in church for a few million different reasons, from the temperament of the nominal leader of the free world to the job done by moderator Chris Wallace, who you can certainly say was in attendance.

It was a debate defined by a number of stunning moments, whether it was Biden calling Trump a “clown” who needs to “shut up” or something much darker, like Trump opting to not condemn white supremacists and calling on his supporters to perform acts of voter intimidation on Election Day, which is a crime. And both during and after the debate, NBA players tweeting along with the whole thing called on those with the power to make their voiced heard this November to head to the ballot box and do just that.

A few of players, both current and former, were a little more explicit in wanting folks to go vote for Biden and his nominee for vice president, California senator Kamala Harris.

Throughout the NBA’s Orlando Bubble, players have used the platform afforded to them to try and sway folks to head to the polls this year. Election Day is on Nov. 3, 2020, and if you head to Vote.org, you can read up on your voter registration, how you can potentially vote early or by mail, and much more.

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