Bill Barr’s Titanic Lack of Self-Awareness

To that end, Barr does not seem to consider the Democratic Party to be a legitimate opposition force in American political life. “I think we were getting into [a] position where we were going to find ourselves irrevocably committed to the socialist path,” he told Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass last week. “I think if Trump loses this election that that will be the case.” He also forecast dire consequences for the nation under a Biden administration. “Increasingly, the message of the Democrats appears to be Biden or no peace,” Mr. Barr said. “That is rule by the mob. And we’re approaching that.”

These views have led Barr to a dangerous place. In the interview with Kass, he once again disparaged the use of mail-in ballots in the upcoming election on baseless grounds, following in Trump’s false footsteps. “There’s no more secret vote with mail-in vote,” he declared. “A secret vote prevents selling and buying votes. So now we’re back in the business of selling and buying votes. Capricious distribution of ballots means [ballot] harvesting, undue influence, outright coercion, paying off a postman, here’s a few hundred dollars, give me some of your ballots.” His freewheeling comments sounded more like those of an uncritical Fox News viewer than of a sober, ethics-minded attorney general.

In Barr’s eyes, however, it’s the Democrats who are actually doing what Barr’s critics allege of him. “You know [how] liberals project,” Barr told Kass. “All this bullshit about how the president is going to stay in office and seize power? I’ve never heard of any of that crap. I mean, I’m the attorney general. I would think I would have heard about it. They are projecting. They are creating an incendiary situation where there will be loss of confidence in the vote.” In a moment of supreme irony, Barr then immediately hypothesized a fanciful scenario where unnamed figures rigged the vote in a battleground state.

“Someone will say the president just won Nevada,” he claimed. “‘Oh, wait a minute! We just discovered 100,000 ballots! Every vote will be counted!’ Yeah, but we don’t know where these freaking votes came from.” His remarks track with the president’s recent attacks on Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, who oversaw a sweeping effort to expand Nevada’s vote-by-mail system earlier this year, as well as the Trump campaign’s private litigation to stop it. Barr’s hypocrisy also brushed past the inconvenient fact that Nevada’s secretary of state, who will ultimately certify the results of November’s election, is a Republican.

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