Woman Who Cut Off Hand in Attempt to Commit $1 Million Insurance Fraud Is Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

A Slovenian woman made drastic attempts to collect $1 million in an insurance fraud scheme by cutting off her own hand with the help of her boyfriend in 2019. Now, both of them have been sentenced to prison.

Julija Adlesic, 22, and her boyfriend concocted a plan to collect the multiple insurance policies that they had taken out on her which, would have exceeded over $1.6 million, according to reports. The couple cut off her hand using a circular saw. By having one hand, the couple could file a disability claim that would grant them half a million dollars upfront, with additional payments being delivered in monthly installments.

In 2019, Adlesic and her boyfriend tried to submit the claim by stating an accident happened when she was cutting branches. But an investigation was launched and Adlesic’s insurance company flagged the suspect story.

Prosecutors said the woman’s boyfriend had also made internet searches about artificial hands in the days before Adlesic’s hand was cut off. Prosecutors said this was proof that the injury was intentional. However, throughout the trial, Adlesic had denied intentionally cutting off her hand.

She was arrested at the hospital, according to BBC

Adlesic was sentenced in a court in Slovenia to two years in prison. Her boyfriend was sentenced to three years in prison. Her boyfriend’s father received a one-year suspended sentence.


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