The week’s best parenting advice: September 15, 2020

“It took a pandemic, but dare I say we’ve reached the apex of mom-shame,” writes Rosemary Counter at NYT Parenting. Before COVID, mom-shaming was something one could do quietly, to oneself. But now, “when one parent’s actions directly affect the health of the other’s child,” we’re less likely to take the silent, “you do you” approach, and more likely to speak our minds out loud. And that makes sense, says reproductive psychiatrist Alexandra Sacks: “For so many parents, these are the highest stakes they’ve felt in their whole lives.” To homeschool or not to homeschool? Are playdates okay? Can the kids hug grandma? Whatever you decide, someone else will have done the opposite, and sometimes this can feel personal. But remember: Much of our parenting guilt is self-imposed. “The good thing about peak anything,” writes Counter, “is that there’s nowhere to go but down.” [NYT Parenting]

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