Daily Horoscope: September 16, 2020

The moon in Virgo makes a harmonious connection with wildcard Uranus at 7:24 AM, inspiring us to try something new, and we’re feeling lucky as the moon connects with Jupiter at 6:54 PM. Easy energy flows today, but the moon opposes Neptune at 10:04 PM, which may find us sleepy, sensitive, or confused about our feelings. Indulge in a healthy escape, like a good book or a phone call with a best friend.

All times ET.

The moon is in Virgo and as it connects with revolutionary Uranus and expansive Jupiter, exciting changes in your career and shifts in your schedule take place. Remember that small actions you take every day can lead to big results.

The moon in Virgo lights up the romance and creativity sector of your chart today! Lucky energy flows and you’re in a risk-taking mood. Mystery and magic flow in your social life. Try to stay grounded today!

The moon in grounded earth sign Virgo lights up the home and family sector of your chart, encouraging you to spruce up your space and connect with loved ones. Today’s energy brings you release, as well as new gifts!

The moon in Virgo lights up the communication sector of your chart today, and you’re having unexpected and lucky meetings as the moon connects with wildcard Uranus and jovial Jupiter. You’re exploring your faith as the moon opposes Neptune.

Your focus is on finances as the moon moves through Virgo. Exciting developments take place in your career, and a feeling of ease and expansiveness flows as you tackle your daily chores!

The moon is in your sign today, Virgo, finding you reconnecting with your heart’s desire. A fresh start is here. Exciting news from abroad arrives, and romance and creativity flows. Just don’t overcomplicate things in your relationships today, or else you may end up confused!

The moon in Virgo activates a highly private sector of your chart, encouraging you to catch up on quality time with yourself, and to rest. You need your space. Release yourself from your chores and unwind!

The moon in Virgo lights up the friendship sector of your chart, and you’re connecting with unexpected people and sharing or receiving big news as the moon connects with wildcard Uranus and lucky Jupiter.


The moon in Virgo finds you focused on your career, Sagittarius. Exciting plans are laid as the moon connects with wildcard Uranus, and lucky energy flows in your finances as the moon connects with your ruling planet Jupiter.

The moon is in fellow earth sign Virgo today, bringing you news from abroad. Unexpected bursts of romance and creativity arrive! An open, easy energy flows—but don’t overcommit yourself today.

The moon in Virgo encourages you to sort out issues concerning debts and taxes. Upgrades and changes take place in your home as the moon connects with your ruling planet Uranus. Your intuition gets a boost as the moon connects with expansive Jupiter.

It’s a lovely day to connect with others as the moon in Virgo moves through the partnership sector of your chart. Unexpected new arrives and lucky meetings take place. You might feel confused about how you feel as the moon opposes your ruling planet Neptune, so go slow with decision making today.

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