Cancer Survivor Becomes Emotional After Full-Body Makeover

A mom who fought a courageous battle against two different types of cancer has undergone cosmetic surgery after the treatment took a massive toll on her body. Melissa Granier was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had a full hysterectomy, followed by two bouts with breast cancer that led to a mastectomy.

“It was just kind of like being punched in the face to have it for a second time,” Granier told Inside Edition.

The cancer drugs also caused her teeth to fall out. “And that has probably been the worst thing for me to deal with,” Granier said. The 42-year-old teacher was forced to rely on ill-fitting and painful dentures, but that changed after her recent makeover.

Inside Edition followed her every step of the way. Her procedures included tissue expander surgery for breast implants, fat removal from several areas and a rhinoplasty. She also received Botox and fillers, lip injections, eyelash extensions and a new hair color.

Finally, Dr. Leedia Riman created a perfect-fitting custom set of dentures and new veneers for her bottom teeth. Stunned by the results, Granier became emotional. 

For her final reveal, Granier got all glammed up with makeup and hair, and a new, expensive outfit and shoes.

“It’s amazing. I feel like I have a renewed life,” she said. 


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