UK coronavirus live: Welsh health minister warns national lockdown could be just weeks away

The Welsh health minister has warned that a national lockdown could be a few weeks away unless people follow the new Covid-19 regulations.

On the day most people in Wales are obliged to wear masks when they go into shops and other public places, Vaughan Gething said the county was in a “parallel position to early February,” adding: “We were in national lockdown in the third week of March.”

Speaking on BBC Radio Wales, Gething said:

We have a number of weeks to be able to get to a position where we can recover some of the ground with a return to effective social distancing, with a return to respecting the rules we have in place to save people’s lives or we will be forced into greater local lockdowns and the potential for another national lockdown.

He said that if a widespread lockdown was necessary he hoped all four governments would work together – but said he would also take Wales-only action if needed.

Gething called for Cobra meetings involving the four UK governments to take place. He was also critical of a “unilateral decision” taken to cap the number of tests from Wales being processed by the UK’s Lighthouse labs.

In Caerphilly, south Wales, where a local lockdown was put into place last week, the minister said Covid was being detected not just in young people but in over-40s and 50s. He said that this would result in more people being hospitalised in the next three weeks.

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