Maserati Announces Wild ‘Fuoriserie’ Personalization Program

Maserati announced its new Fuoriserie personalization program during the unveiling of the mid-engined MC20 supercar last week.

To launch the program, the Italian company displayed three Ghibli Trofeo, Levante Trofeo, and Quattroporte Trofeo models, each outfitted with unique exterior and interior finishes.

Customers willing to pay the premium for unique touches through the Fuoriserie program first have to choose one of three available collections. The first is dubbed Corse and is dedicated to gentlemen drivers, hence the motorsport-inspired liveries.

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The Corse collection also includes two-tone wheels and has been previewed with the one-off Ghibli Corse that sports an Officine Aluminum paint with a brushed finish and a pair of red racing stripes.

The second collection is known as Futura and has been previewed with a one-off Levante. This collection is designed for the most sports-oriented customers as well as those that love the latest technologies. The exterior options feature textured and matte surfaces and the Levante show car has a Textured Blue Graphite color with a rough satin finish.

Last but not least is the Unica collection, showcased with a striking Quattroporte. This collection has been designed for those with an interest in fashion, art, and culture and includes a host of wild paint choices. The Quattroporte Unica is painted white with rainbow-colored metallic flakes and the windows have a multi-colored finish that varies between shades of yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple – depending on the angle at which they are viewed. We’re doubtful windows like this are legal for the street but the sedan matches the wild windows with an equally eye-catching interior.

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