Where is Kassanndra Cantrell? Pregnant Washington Woman Feared Missing After Skipping Her 1st Ultrasound

Where is Kassanndra Cantrell? The pregnant Washington woman seemingly vanished Tuesday, then missed her first ultrasound, which friends and family say she looked forward to.

The 33-year-old was last seen leaving her Parkland home last Tuesday on her neighbor’s Ring camera.

She was supposed to attend her first ultrasound the following day, Q13 Fox reported. Her best friend was supposed to accompany her to the appointment, and she would find out then whether she were having twins at the appointment.

“This is not normal, she wouldn’t just vanish,” her mom Marie Smith told Q13 Fox.

Smith’s next warning sign was that Cantrell seemed to have turned off her phone and stopped posting on all social media sites shortly after. “She wouldn’t just go dark on all her social platforms,” Smith told KIRO7.

Since then, Cantrell’s car has been recovered near the Tacoma Dome, about 10 miles from her home, where she lives with Smith and her stepfather. There was no sign of Cantrell.

“What I hope, worst-case scenario, is that maybe she was carjacked and she’s just hurt somewhere.” Smith said.

Smith said the last place Cantrell’s phone pinged was near a park where friends, family and community members gathered to search for any signs of Cantrell. She normally goes to that park to walk her two Chihuahuas, but she had left her dogs at home when she left the home that day.

“If she took nothing else, she would have taken her darn dogs because they’re her babies,” Smith told KOMO News. “There’s no reason for her to be there. It’s not a safe area, she wouldn’t be there.”

It’s not clear if they recovered her phone or any of her belongings.

“When she found out she was thrilled because she wasn’t sure that she’d have a chance to have a baby and so she was really excited,” Smith told Q13 Fox. “She already picked out names.”

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department has called her disappearance suspicious and has asked anyone that may have any information to contact authorities.


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