Police Discover Trove Of Prized Cars Including Mk4 Supras And M3s After Raiding Homes Of Suspected Mass. Drug Dealer

A routine traffic stop in Massachusetts on August 21 led to the discovery of a large-scale marijuana trafficking operation with authorities uncovering large bales of pot, dozens of illegal guns, millions of dollars in cash, and surprisingly, around 45 cars, possibly including eight exotics and 37 other vehicles, the majority of which are reportedly older Toyota sports cars such as the Mk4 Supra along with several BMW M3s.

Local media reports that 41-year-old Cory A. Taylor of New Salem was arrested on August 21 when state police allegedly found 138 lbs of marijuana in a van he was driving. They also found brass knuckles and a FedEx uniform. Taylor reportedly told officers that he had been paid to receive the marijuana and deliver it to a man named ‘Juan’. He added that a source in California had shipped six bales of marijuana to his mother’s house. The man was taken to a local jail but he was soon bailed out.

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After his arrest, investigators began digging into the 41-year-old’s background and discovered an illegal marijuana operation he was operating out of a former Holyoke firehouse that had been converted into a luxury home.

Upon executing a search warrant at the property, authorities discovered eight exotic vehicles, 24 guns, ammunition, millions of dollars in cash and over 50 lbs of marijuana. Gazette Net reports the former firehouse has been through significant high-end renovations. Police also searched Taylor’s mother’s house and discovered no less than 37 vehicles in a large garage on the property.

Over the weekend, we reached out to the Massachusetts State Police to see if we could find more information about the cars that were discovered in the two properties, but they told us to ask the district attorney’s office handling the case, which hasn’t responded to our request yet.

The alleged vehicles found in the two properties

We’ll update this post when we hear back from them, but until then, we’ll show you this posting that has been shared by many accounts on Facebook, stressing that we have not independently confirmed if the pictures are indeed from one or both of the locations raided by authorities on August 22.

What a wild story! Easily 30-50 highly sought after cars, Supras, Skylines, Evos and more! The converted fire house was…

Posted by The Sauce Spot on Saturday, August 29, 2020

These pictures suggest Taylor was particularly fond of Mk4 Toyota Supras as there are at least eight of them here. There are also at least three Nissan GT-Rs, five BMW E46 M3s (some finished in rare colors), and three BMW E92 M3s, one of which is a rare Lime Rock Edition. The man also appears to have owned at least three R34-generation Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, two of which were painted Midnight Purple.

Still at large

Taylor was originally charged with trafficking in marijuana, carrying a dangerous weapon and various traffic violations. He has subsequently been charged with improper storage of a large-capacity firearm, possession of a high capacity magazine, possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number, money laundering, and 24 count of unlawful possession of a firearm, including other charges.

Police asked if anyone has information about his whereabouts, they contact the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to the district attorney’s office (413) 505-5993 or “anonymously utilize Text-a-Tip by texting the word CRIMES (2-7-4-6-3-7) and type the world SOLVE followed by the information.”

This picture was allegedly posted by Taylor earlier this year and shows his collection of BMW M3s (via Facebook)

Update: According to our research, it appears that Taylor was very active on numerous Toyota, BMW, Nissan and other car forums over the years. We’re still looking into it, but the postings we’ve found on these forums match the cars seen in the pictures that have circulated on social media postings. However, we don’t know how old these images may be. We can also add that he (likely) purchased a very low mileage Honda S2000 in May this year, apparently the second one in his collection.

Additional reporting: John Halas

Opening Image The Sauce Spot @ Facebook

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