Mercedes Hydroplanes Into Gas Station, Hits Pump And Pickup

A Mercedes made an unscheduled stop at the gas station in a crash that was caught on video.

As you can see, the Mercedes was traveling in the far left lane when they hit a section of water-covered road. The driver eventually loses control and their rear end kicks out 90 degrees.

The Mercedes regains traction, but the car is now aimed directly at a gas station. After narrowly missing two other vehicles, the driver attempts to regain control but this comes too late. As a result, they ended up flicking the rear end around and crash the nose into a gas pump.

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Shortly after this happens, the rear end smashes into a pickup that was parked at the next pump. The Mercedes then goes airborne, before crashing to the ground and coming to a halt.

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt as the driver and a passenger can be seen exiting the vehicle. The Mercedes wasn’t as lucky as the car suffered significant front end damage as the hood, bumper, grille and headlights were destroyed. The rear end also suffered damage from the collision, but the extent isn’t visible.

Little else is known about the crash, but the uploader said it happened in the United Kingdom on the A20 between Sidcup and Swanley. Of course, it probably could have been avoided if the driver simply slowed down and traveled according to conditions.

A20 between sidcup and swanley bp garage / Macdonald’s on Saturday

Posted by Nick Medhurst on Monday, August 17, 2020

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