A Farewell Note from the Astro Guide Team

Ashley Otero is an astrologer and licensed acupuncturist whose practice centers around the intersection of mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing. Although her practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been on pause since the end of 2016, she often draws from her knowledge in the healing arts and applies it to her work in consulting with clients as well as in her writing of horoscopes. Writing horoscopes for a number of various publications was not a path Ashley initially intended on or anticipated following, but the meditative ritual of sitting down to speak to people (and facilitate healing, mindfulness, and more connection in their lives) through her weekly, monthly, and daily horoscopes has become fulfilling work over the last several years. Ashley feels humbled and grateful to be part of her readers’ day and loves hearing from people that resonate or find insight from their horoscopes. You can follow and connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, or her website.

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