Coronavirus UK LIVE: ‘France will be added to UK quarantine list this week’ as deaths hit 46,595 – updates

FRANCE ‘will be added to UK quarantine list this week’ unless cases lower in two days, according to senior sources within the Government. 

Writing in the Telegraph, Paul Charles, spokesperson for campaign group Quash Quarantine and founder of travel consultancy The PC Agency, said: “I know from senior government sources that anything above 20 per 100,000 for a period of seven days or more is likely to lead to that country being added to the quarantine list.

“On that basis, France has just two days to gets its numbers below 20 – which is highly unlikely.”

Meanwhile, Gavin Williamson has said it’s now a “national priority” to make sure kids return to school next month. 

A day after Boris Johnson said it was the country’s “moral duty” to get kids back to class, the Education Secretary welcomed a study by Public Health England that shows there is little evidence of Covid-19 spread in schools.

This comes as deaths hit 46,595 after 21 more deaths were recorded.

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