Devlog 11 – UI & Portraits

Hey everyone! We hope you are enjoying your weekend!

This week, we decided to iterate upon the first UI designs and finalize them. We felt that our initial UI concepts didn’t fit the game and ended up looking a bit weird.

Here’s how they look now:

Room UI 1 1

Pause screen 1


Now all of the UI is consistent between itself and it has a wavy look that reminds us of waves and sea, bringing the whole game together because of the island theme. We feel that the round look is also a nice break visually and gives contrast with the cube voxel look.

Oh yeah! Of course, those panels aren’t completely static, that would be boring.


A keen eye would note that these remind them of Animal Crossing, which they do… We aren’t ashamed to admit that it was a direct inspiration because WE LOVE ANIMAL CROSSING <3

Like you saw on the dialogue screen, we want the game to show a portrait of the character that is currently talking. But, having only one portrait is a little bit boring… Having a portrait for each emotion is waaay cooler, so we decided to do that instead.

Here’s 3 examples for Nur:

Aaand that is all! Thank you for reading.

See you next week!

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