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Huawei Hits Back at the F.C.C. With a Legal Challenge

SHENZHEN, China — Huawei, the Chinese technology powerhouse, is challenging the Federal Communications Commission in court for choking off its sales in the United States, the latest in the besieged company’s widening efforts to hit back at regulators and critics across the globe. The F.C.C. voted last month to bar American telecommunications companies from using […]

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Trump’s Trade War Is Breeding Patriots in China

BEIJING — Earlier this week the Chinese government aggressively devalued its currency — the clearest sign yet that it is hunkering down for a protracted fight with the United States over trade. Currency devaluation is the mother of all retaliations. The move, designed to help offset the Trump administration’s tariffs against China, could goad America […]

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Trump Mixes Economic and National Security, Plunging the U.S. into Multiple Fights

WASHINGTON — President Trump is increasingly blurring the line between America’s national and economic security, enabling him to harness powerful tools meant to punish the world’s worst global actors and redirect them at nearly every trading partner, including Mexico, Japan, China and Europe. Over a few weeks, Mr. Trump has declared European and Japanese cars, […]

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