Tag: Yazidi (Religious Sect)

Trump Takes Incoherence and Inhumanity and Calls It Foreign Policy

It was just five years ago that an American president, faced with a crisis on Syria’s border, acted decisively and honorably. Barack Obama responded with airstrikes and a rescue operation in 2014 when the Islamic State started a genocide against members of the Yazidi sect, slaughtering men and forcing women and girls into sexual slavery. […]

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Trump Says the Kurds ‘Didn’t Help’ at Normandy. Here’s the History.

President Trump drew an odd historical parallel this week as he defended his decision to pull American support from allied Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, leaving them vulnerable to a Turkish offensive that began on Wednesday. “They’re fighting for their land,” Mr. Trump said of the Kurds on Wednesday. “And as somebody wrote in a […]

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