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Oh, the Irony! White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Woman for Napping Wants Police to Release the Video

A white woman who made headlines for summoning plantation overseers police officers after she was threatened by an aggressively napping black woman has now taken up the mantle for criminal justice reform, criticizing law enforcement officials for being “hostile” and for refusing to release bodycam footage of the— Hold up. Let me finish laughing and […]

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Connecticut Cop Charged With Assault 6 Months After Shooting Unarmed Black Couple Near Yale University

A Hamden, Conn., police officer was arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment on Monday for shooting an unarmed black couple. The arrest comes six months after Officer Devin Eaton fired 13 shots at Stephanie Washington and her boyfriend, Paul Witherspoon, as they drove their SUV near Yale University’s campus. From NBC News: State’s […]

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The Fog of Intervention

Let’s say it’s January 2021, and President Bernie Sanders has just assumed office. On his second day as commander-in-chief of the most powerful military in world history, Bernie and his foreign policy team are ushered into the White House Situation Room. After being seated at a long wooden table, a group of diplomats and military […]

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