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5G home broadband moves forward as 34 OEMs commit to Snapdragon modems

Most of 2019’s biggest 5G news has focused on mobile devices — read: smartphones — while 5G’s potential as a home broadband replacement temporarily faded into the background. Today, Qualcomm is setting the stage for 2020 with the announcement that 34 companies have committed to using the Snapdragon X55 5G modem and RF system in […]

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Ookla: Early U.S. 5G is up to 7.5 times faster than 4G with Qualcomm’s X50

If you’ve been wondering how much additional speed 5G devices are already delivering for early U.S. adopters, Speedtest developer Ookla is ready to quantify the numbers, and they’re impressive: Devices using Qualcomm’s first-generation Snapdragon X50 modem achieved up to 750% faster 5G speeds than 4G/LTE in July 2019, and new technologies in its next-generation X55 […]

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