Tag: Workplace Environment

Weinstein Trial Begins, 2 Years After Accusations Led to #MeToo

In Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein was a man of seemingly infinite power, not only making Oscar-winning films like “Pulp Fiction” and “Shakespeare in Love,” but also helping make careers. But on Wednesday morning, Mr. Weinstein arrived at the Manhattan Criminal Courts Building to face charges that even as he ruled over the movie business in New […]

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The Work Diary of Derrius Quarles, Million-Dollar Multitasker

Derrius Quarles is a man of many modes, but he’s perhaps best known for founding Breaux Capital, an online financial platform and community for black millennial men (the name is a play on the word “bro”). Having read that 70 percent of black millennials couldn’t afford a $1000 emergency, he created an app that automates […]

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