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50 Percent of White Folks Admit That They Will Happily Condemn Us All to Four More Years of Excruciating Hell

Photo: Nicholas Kamm / AFP (Getty Images) I believe it was fabled author Damon Young who once stated that “white people won’t save you.” But just in case you’re unclear on their willingness to condemn us all to the fiery depths of hell, allow me to enlighten you. Advertisement According to Newsweek, Hill-HarrisX conducted a […]

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Trump Just All Lives Matter’d All Over Himself and Ben Carson’s Going to Have to Clean This Up

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images) President Trump is orange. He is also a white nationalist and a white supremacist and a white man and a white unscented dryer sheet. He is the most orange white power activist in American history. Advertisement During an interview with CBS News’ Catherine Herridge, the president fixed his anus-shaped mouth […]

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Auntie Unfiltered: Not All White People

Whenever the topic of discussion turns to white people and the bullshit they pull against Black people, there will always be a few white voices that want to disrupt what could be a productive conversation with that old white people spiritual refrain: “Not all white people.” I’ve written about and spoken on this topic before. […]

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