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Oh, He’s RACIST Racist: Anthony Scaramucci Says He Can No Longer Support Trump for President

Photo: Ben Gabbe (Getty Images) Anthony Scaramucci lasted just 11 short days as Donald Trump’s White House communications director during the summer of 2017. Like many others handpicked by the “president,” he was ousted and sent on his merry way to become one of many people who briefly worked for the revolving door that is […]

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White Supremacist Propaganda on the Rise on US College Campuses

Image: iStock As if juggling student loans and a respectable GPA weren’t hard enough, a new report claims college students have racist rhetoric to contend with as well. The Anti-Defamation League reports that during the 2018-19 school year, there were 313 documented cases of white supremacist propaganda found on US college campuses, a seven percent […]

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‘It’s Okay to Be White’ T-Shirts Yanked After Being Accused of Promoting ‘Intolerance, Racism and Division’

“The Project” hosts Jesse Mulligan (L) and Kanoa Lloyd (R).Screenshot: Newshub Video (YouTube) Just when I was about to treat myself to a sumptuous “It’s Okay to Be White” t-shirt as an early birthday gift, comes the heartbreaking news that they’ve been pulled. Newsweek reports that the News Zealand-based online auction site Trade Me made […]

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