Tag: White Nationalism

Twitter Has Started Researching Whether White Supremacists Belong on Twitter

Twitter is conducting in-house research to better understand how white nationalists and supremacists use the platform. The company is trying to decide, in part, whether white supremacists should be banned from the site or should be allowed to stay on the platform so their views can be debated by others, a Twitter executive told Motherboard. […]

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‘It’s Okay to Be White’ T-Shirts Yanked After Being Accused of Promoting ‘Intolerance, Racism and Division’

“The Project” hosts Jesse Mulligan (L) and Kanoa Lloyd (R).Screenshot: Newshub Video (YouTube) Just when I was about to treat myself to a sumptuous “It’s Okay to Be White” t-shirt as an early birthday gift, comes the heartbreaking news that they’ve been pulled. Newsweek reports that the News Zealand-based online auction site Trade Me made […]

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Racial Terror and the Second Repeal of Reconstruction

This April, PBS aired a groundbreaking documentary series on the fate of Reconstruction—and therefore of Black America. Featuring more than 40 scholars (myself among them) and Black descendants of key figures in Reconstruction’s history, this copiously researched chronicle also doubles as a powerful and chilling window on to our own age of violent and resurgent […]

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