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Is This the World’s Most Accessible Museum?

LONDON — On a recent afternoon, Clare Barlow, a curator at the Wellcome Collection, a museum of science and medicine here, gave a tour of its new permanent exhibition, “Being Human.” The exhibits included a fecal transplant kit used to treat gut infections, a sculpture that gave off the smell of breast milk, and a […]

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He Was Shot and Paralyzed 37 Years Ago. That’s Not How the Story Ends.

The paper buried the story. Two teenagers in the Bronx horsing around with a gun. A 15-year-old shot a 13-year-old. Nobody died. No celebrities or politicians or prominent sports figures were involved. Both teenagers were black. So, in the mind-set that was prevalent in tabloid newsrooms in the early 1980s, in a city grappling with […]

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Discrimination Is Hard to Prove, Even Harder to Fix

When it comes to lawsuits alleging discrimination, the wheels of justice sometimes turn even more slowly than usual. “It’s a difficult process, more difficult than it needs to be,” said Jeff Vardaro, a civil rights attorney in Columbus, Ohio. These cases can become complex and expensive, and defendants and their attorneys have incentives to drag […]

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